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God Is In You

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Wake Up!!
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I was just looking at the Hindu God, The Islamic Prophets, The Christian God, The Sikh God and The Buddha…… There was something common between all of them…. Its was the way they look, the way the their face looks like… I know Its the humans, who has given the face body to God.  But did anyone ever thought why did God is Visible in Human Body Format? Because God Wants us to believe That God is a part of Human and Human is the part of God. Because we the humans cannot believe on the things which we have not seen ever.

But God was not just limited to this thought….. He also wants us to believe that God is Human… God is IN Human… He says If we Believe in God.. Then before that we need to believe in ourselves… Because God is already in Us… GOD IS IN YOU… Believe It or Not………..


We, the “Unhuman” Humans believe that everyone can be differentiated with each other on the basis of any parameter we believe in. But we forget that we are the dependent creation of the CREATOR and MODERATOR of this Nature, and very small pinch of this nature..

“We are the dependent creation”, because, there is nobody in this world who can live without depending on any element of this nature. “We are very small pinch”, because, god has made more better thing creations than we the HUMANS, for which we are not even aware yet..

He is The Master.. Not You

God is The Master.. Not You

God has placed us all on one Pan of Weighing Balance, And Karizmatically we all together balance the world with all our collective qualities, If I am blessed with 5 emotional qualities then someone has to be blessed with 5 intellectual qualities, If I am blessed with 5 wealthy qualities then someone must be having 5 hunger qualities and in this way we all together make marks as 10 out of 10.. this way, GOD has blessed us with Equality…. Hence NO HUMAN can differentiate ONE Human From other.. Never Ever take someone as granted as that person is definitely equipped with those qualities which you don’t have…..

Mind It.. We can never ever create any weighing balance like.. God’s Weighing Balance…