Mere Baare Me

Yeah, for those of you that want to know what i m all about
It’s like this

This is 10% luck, 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will
5% pleasure, 50% pain
And a 100% reason to remember the name!

PRANAV – He doesn’t need his name up in lights
He just wants to be heard whether it’s the beat or the mic
He feels so unlike everybody else, alone
In spite of the fact that some people still think that they know him
But leave em, he knows the code
It’s not about the salary
It’s all about reality and making some noise
Making the story – making sure his clique stays up
That means when he puts it down he himself picking it up! Let’s go!

Who the hell is he anyway?
He never really talks much
Never concerned with status but still leaving them star struck
Humbled through opportunities given despite the fact
That many misjudge him because he makes a living from “software development”
Put it together himself, now the picture connects
Never asking for someone’s help, or to get some respect
He’s only focused on what he sung, his will is beyond reach
And now it all unfolds, the skill of an artist

PRANAV! – He’s not your everyday on the block
He knows how to work with what he’s got
Making his way to the top
He often gets a comment on his height
People keep asking him was it given at birth
Or does it stand for an acronym?
No he’s living proof, got him rocking the booth
He’ll get you buzzing quicker than a shot of vodka with juice
Him and his crew are known around as one of the best
Dedicated to what they do and give a 100%

  1. shashi kanth says:

    Nice to see a good php guy from India….

  2. shashi kanth says:

    Good blog not only with programming stuff, but also general knowledge

  3. Sachin Sahu says:

    Hi Pranav,

    What i should write here for u, i only know that what you are for me…..

    Thanks Champ……….


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