Are you Not Happy with your life? Read this…..

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Wake Up!!
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I am not a motivational guru.. neither I have free time to distribute the free lectures… Today I am here with this topic just because of what I felt, when I used to believe that “I am not happy with my Life….”
I was going through the tough time of my life (don’t ask me what.. just get it that I was suffocated with some situations) and used to be very sad and frustrated… I am one of those people who doesn’t share anything with anyone (was never before like that) and now have a  belief that “You are the one who can handle it, thats why it came to you…”

Today morning I was having tea in office canteen, I was upset..very much upset…which didn’t even allowed me to sleep… I saw one of my colleague from any unknown Team to whom I used to meet every now and then but strange thing is I dont know his name.. we just need to share few work glitches… I went to him and sat beside him and started the conversation..

He told me once that his mother is suffering from cancer…he is also going through very tough time.. I asked him about his mother.. he told me she is fine now and going through a very tough treatment called Chemotherapy… she is doing good now… He observed me that I was sad, but didn’t asked me why.. just told me that think of the people who are in more than yours… he told me one incident happen to him when he was with her mother in hospital…

here is his Narration:

Pranav, once I was on the billing counter of the hospital, and there was heavy rush and was a long queue. I was very upset and used to cry coming out of my mom’s room, and there were tears in my  eyes when I was in queue.. a lady just equivalent to age of my mom around 50’s was in queue just after me. She asked me: Son, for who you are here? I replied, ‘my mom’, I told her the whole thing.. she felt pity for a moment and then suddenly she tapped on my back and said to me do you what are you doing for your mom?, I said no, she said your pale face will not let her heal.. because that cancer is not as painful as your  pain to your mom. Show her as its all momentarily.. joke with her, say her that she just needs a servicing  :)..  There was a smile on my face after a long time..but for very short time.. because my sorrow was still stronger than this smile.. for a minute or so we just stop conversing.. she was relaxed and smiling like she is going for any movie… then I looked back to her and asked her back ‘What about you Ma’m? For whom you are here? Any of your relative?’ After a small pause she replied me: She was here for her 23 years young son, he is the only son she has…he was in second stage of cancer…and was going through the treatment of chemotherapy , It was damn hurting.. then I asked her “Ma’m, you and husband if you need any help I am there in room no 18, she gave me a pity smile and replied.. ‘Thanks son, but I am alone here with my son.. My husband is a heart patient he is on bed at home.. he cannot see his young son craving for life…Son, I don’t have any other option, neither I need any option..I just need them back…’. I was surprised then sad and then got motivated… A lady of my mom’s age is fighting for two people, one of which is her young son and another is her soulmate husband..all alone….She was smiling again..and said to me ‘BUCK UP SOLDIER..’   I was full of new energy and hope…and was really feeling better.. and from that time i am just making my mom smile and laugh everytime…and keeping the sad people and circumstances away from her….

I was amazed with what my colleague just told me… I almost forgot my pain and sorrow…

I am very Thankful to my colleague that he shared this with me…

And I wish and I want him to Enjoy every moment of his life with her mom with joy and happiness… AMEN
Now, I want to ask you again… “ARE YOU NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR LIFE?

  1. halbertsblog says:

    Life is too short not to be happy,today we here tomorrow we no more .

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