Modify PDF Using FPDF/FPDI library

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Stay Hungry Stay Foolish..

I searched a lot and did lot of RND on specification of PDF and to get the PDF modified by my own way, but was unsuccessfull in doing that.. By the side i was into the looking for any existing library… where I found FPDI the associative library to FPDF to modify the PDF. As I was in the need to paste few Images in PDF  at certain fixed coordinates.. I have used it the library in that way….

Below is the action file with the help of which I was able to get What I needed..

$pdf =& new FPDI();

//Set the source PDF file
$pagecount = $pdf->setSourceFile(“Tally_PO.pdf”);

//Import the first page of the file
$tppl = $pdf->importPage(1);

//Use this page as template
// use the imported page and place it at point 20,30 with a width of 170 mm
$pdf->useTemplate($tppl, -10, 20, 210);

#Print Hello World at the bottom of the page

//Select Arial italic 8
$pdf->SetXY(90, 160);


//$pdf->Write(0, “Hello World”);

$pdf->Output(“modified_pdf.pdf”, “F”);


You can download the fpdf lib from: FPDF

And Download the Assocoative FPDI lib from: FPDI

Your Suggestions are Most Welcome….

  1. With this code u only take the page u want and add the image but what happened with the rest of the pdf?

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  3. sandeep says:

    thanks for posting this code. but when i used this code ..a black colored PDF is created. also i didn’t seen my previous PDF and the images which i wanted to insert to existing PDF.
    if anybody have any idea whats happing. please tell me. thanks…….

  4. Ron Knee says:

    This helped me. Thanks!

  5. […] I have interactive PDF form and my requirement is to insert an image into pdf at specific position. To insert an image into pdf I have used the library fpdf and fpdi as described in this post or here. […]

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  7. Pradeep Singh says:

    How can i rotate the source pdf file before editing

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