Who Am I!!!

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Me

Your Friendly Neighborhood!!!        Pranav Dave

Thats the way I look

Thats the way I look

This is my first blog in Word press. I hope you will have the fun having me here among you. So lemme introduce myself, I am a Techie/Musiquie, Technology is my challenge to me and Music is my life. If qualification is concerned, I am an Electronics and Communication Engineering Graduate,  has chosen IT as my career, started with criticizing the development world that is, Testing.. I did Testing for 1.4 years and decided to get criticized and headed towards Development in PHP technology. Till now I have surved for 2+ years in Development and being criticized as I used to do with others :-). When I used to be a tester I used to enjoy music for crashing the applications, and now when I am Developer I enjoy music to get out of the goosebumps of resolving the crashes 🙂 So I don’t care whatever comes in my way, I am a deadly Musiquie… I am a learner in vocals as well.. my teacher Mr. Harsh Patel has taught me a lot in Indian Classical since last 2 years. I have a sort of emotional point of view when I want to have it and a professional view when I don’t want it 🙂


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